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    I try to capture nature at its finest moments and express it from a unique perspective.

    ~ Michele Geiser


    Bepa Studio

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      Photo courtesy of Jenn Ronzcka Photography



       Bepa Studio was created in 2013 by artist,

    M. Michele Geiser, when family and friends encouraged her to pursue her creative abilities professionally.

       The meaning of Bepa is roughly translated to faith. Through her photography and her distinctive ability of  digital vision she carries out the idea of faith with a strong connection to nature.

       By creating Bepa Studio she wanted a way to make  individuals recognize the beauty in                 everyday surroundings that are not usually seen. With photos ranging from 11 countries,              throughout the Northern Hemisphere (that are turned into unique works) Bepa Studio strives to share its intimacy with nature in a way that others may also come to appreciate the beauty and splendor of Earth’s elements, God’s creations.



    Bepa Studio

       Born and raised in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Michele has grown to appreciate the ever changing beautiful seasons, and world around us. Desiring to share life’s moments, that slip away never to exist again, is part of who she is. Creating art gives her the opportunity to allow these moments to survive endlessly, and also incorporate her strong connection to nature.

       Currently living in the Back Mountain area of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Michele has a love for travel and will visit anywhere just to gain the experience. Having worked in both interior and floral design she has been able to take her artistic gift to the next level with her unique digital design talents.


       Among her love for nature photography, Michele also enjoys painting, sketching, reading, traveling, and is strong in her faith.

      Michele is married, has two daughters and two granddaughters.

       As she journeys deeper into life she feels the need to express her visions more and more.



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